Our Commitment to a Greener Future

For every new member we onboard, every microsite that gets 1k visits, and for every company who pledges to our Made Equal and Net Zero initiatives, we’ll plant trees in your name. All simple and effective ways you can help the Made in Group make a tangible difference - Let’s start today!

New Members

Join the Made family and
we'll plant 25 trees

Microsite Visits

When your Microsite reaches 1k views -
we'll plant 25 trees

Digital Events

Attend 6 Digital on screen events per year -
we'll plant 25 trees

Made Equal

Pledge to become a Made Equal Employer -
we'll plant 25 trees

Collectively we can make a difference

10k tree challenge

The climate and ecological crisis we face presents an enormous, global challenge, which can sometimes make us, as individuals, feel helpless. By coming together to call for change - through transforming society, reducing emissions and restoring nature - together, we can make a real, tangible difference.

Why we chose to partner with

We chose to work closely with them in partnership with as a subscribing member of their platform, because they operate on an individual carbon footprint model, built around the principle of inspiring the collective action of millions of individuals – meaning the individual carbon footprint is a useful framework to use, to help individuals chip in with a small share of the offsetting load from carbon intensive industries. Every member of our team can be climate positive with their individual carbon footprints offset.

Ecologi membership allows us to invest in new tree planting and verified carbon offsetting projects.
The carbon offset projects we have funded to offset our footprint rotate each month between top-quality projects that avoid greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

Ecologi member impact to date

69.7 million Trees funded

2.8 million Tonnes of CO2e avoided

Industry Insights

The big sustainability survey 2023

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