Our Surveys

Manufacturing Growth Report 2024

The findings of Made in Group’s inaugural Big Manufacturing Growth report present a largely positive outlook. The key takeaway is that manufacturers are countering uncertainty by investing in both current stability and future continuity. Despite facing numerous headwinds, industrial businesses have showcased remarkable growth in the past 12 months, a testament to the sector’s renowned ingenuity and determination. Looking forward, a prevailing sense of bullish optimism dominates forecasts, with most companies anticipating double-digit business growth. In this year of change, with more than 2 billion voters heading to the polls in over 50 countries, the outcomes of which hold wide-ranging geopolitical implications, the topic of succession planning comes to the fore. By adopting proactive approaches, manufacturers are positioning themselves to thrive whatever the future may bring.

People and Skills Report 2023

Made in Group's inaugural Big People & Skills Report highlights a crucial trend in modern manufacturing: digital skills are now indispensable for success. The digitisation of production, emphasising connectivity, data analysis, and programming, has reshaped industry's talent requirements. Key findings from the report include expectations of double-digit growth by 4 in 5 companies over the next year, 3 in 5 reporting increased recruitment challenges compared to the pre-pandemic period, and 78% ranking digital skills as a top priority.

The Big 2023 Sustainability Survey

The results of Made in Group’s inaugural Big Sustainability Report show that sustainability is an increasingly important boardroom priority for manufacturing decision-makers but companies, SMEs in particular, require guidance and support to accelerate progress. Initial steps already taken by firms include investing in energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems and introducing company-wide recycling schemes. Overall, however, it appears that more progress has been made in operations compared to production activities. Likely reflecting the cost and complexity of installing energy efficient lighting versus re-engineering products or investing in new machinery.