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From Shop Floor to Spotlight: Manufacturing Leaders Dive into Personal Branding

From Shop Floor to Spotlight: Manufacturing Leaders Dive into Personal Branding

Members of the Made in Group recently gathered for a thought-provoking session, delving into the intricacies of personal branding. Chaired by Jason Pitt, the discussion featured a blend of seasoned members who had triumphantly established their personal brand and those eager to unravel the secrets of effective personal branding.

The gathering was graced by the insights of New Patron Nick Platt from Henwood Court, who brought to the table his experience of authoring a book. Platt emphasised how this endeavour not only added credibility to his persona but also served as a robust marketing tool. Attendees of the upcoming Midlands Manufacturing Growth Survey event can look forward to receiving a complimentary copy of Nick’s book, enriching their understanding of financial planning from an experienced based perspective.

Adam Bradley, another distinguished member, shared his journey of successfully building a personal brand alongside his business. His narrative underscored how personal branding not only opens doors to opportunities but also elevates the profile of the business. Bradley's advice resonated with members as he encouraged them to actively seek board associations, positioning themselves as industry leaders.

The discussion took an intriguing turn as participants explored the concept of imposter syndrome. Contrary to conventional beliefs, it was asserted that experiencing anxiety or imposter syndrome could be indicative of pushing one's boundaries. Len Palmer of Lander Automotive shared his personal battle with self-doubt during the Made in Group Podcast series, shedding light on how even MDs of global businesses grapple with imposter syndrome.

Luke Appleby highlighted the importance of delving into the person behind the business. In a world saturated with information, understanding the values and experiences of business leaders becomes a key differentiator. Stuart, an early member of Made in the Midlands who rejoined, shared insights from his journey, revealing that despite building a successful business without significant marketing expenditure, he was ‘leaving food at the table’ in terms of his growth potential.

Cherelle Jones, a branding expert from Partners PR, emphasised the need for personal branding to extend beyond showcasing strengths. She advocated for confidence in sharing vulnerabilities and seeking advice, reinforcing the idea that authenticity is a powerful component of personal branding.

The discussion also showcased success stories within the group, such as Kirsty Davies Chinnock, who established the Women in Metals event under the banner of Professional Polishing. Lisa Cooper of Ficep ingeniously used a personal touch by purchasing a Mini Cooper, making her name more memorable to customers. Stuart Martin humorously pondered the potential cost of such a memorable strategy.

In conclusion, the members engaged in a vibrant exchange of ideas, sharing what worked for them and addressing concerns surrounding personal branding. The consensus was clear – a well-crafted personal brand not only benefits the business but also fosters confidence and trust around the individual. The session left participants inspired to invest in their personal brand, recognising it as a dynamic force that propels both personal and professional success.

Members of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire convene monthly, both online and in person. Our Monthly Online Industry Meet-Up showcased three distinguished speakers, followed by engaging discussions in four themed rooms. These bite-sized masterminds played a pivotal role in disseminating valuable knowledge and fostering tacit knowledge exchange within the community.

Active participation in these community gatherings offers members the opportunity to forge new connections, elevate their online profiles, and enrich their knowledge, providing them with a distinct advantage on the horizon compared to those who choose not to engage.

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